xCheck: Oman Air Demo


xCheck is automated advertising technology designed specifically for the airline industry. We enable you to increase conversion, revenue and ROI with compliant, effective campaigns that showcase your fares in any digital channel.

The ad on your right is generated from real Emirates inventory data derived from our GDS connection. Once it's set up, this ad will update itself as frequently as 24 times per day, or on a custom schedule. It's on autopilot.

\\ Price Drives Demand—and Incremental Revenue

The effect of price on airline demand is well documented and is especially true for leisure customers.

  • xCheck research* and campaign results bear this out: 60% of leisure travelers say promotional fares inspire them to research an unplanned trip.

  • More than 80% rank price as ‘important’ or the ‘most important’ influence on their choice of airline.

  • xCheck campaigns have outperformed control version (destination / product focused) by as much as 34% in incremental revenue.

\\ Run Campaigns on Autopilot

xCheck's automation algorithm – Autopilot – ensures your fares are in front of price-conscious leisure flyers by constantly finding the lowest compliant fare you can advertise and automatically pushing it into your marketing content.

  • Integrate UA custom business rules to run alongside the xCheck algorithm, ensuring your advertising the fares which match your business and your website and enabling support of specific fare sales.

  • Derive the Lowest Compliant Price you can advertise and push to any digital property automatically.

  • Update as frequently as 24 times per day, or on a custom schedule.

  • Support thousands of O&D fares without any human support.

\\ Ready To Launch, Power Any Channel

We’re easy to work with. The xCheck platform is system and channel agnostic, allowing you to power any channel and use your own inventory system if desired.

  • Pre-integrated with GDS to allow quick launch with no airline resources.

  • Option to integrate directly with airline inventory systems.

  • Power any digital property: search, social, display, web, etc.

  • Provide accurate fare content and associated meta-data to power unified ad copy, T&Cs and landing pages.

Use xCheck to manage your message across thousands of routes. (click to enlarge)

Publish fares and associated ad copy across all digital marketing channels. (click to enlarge)

\\ Enable an 'Inventory First' Marketing Strategy

Use our dashboard to view in-market campaigns and potential prices you could advertise in order to make more informed decisions.

  • Visualize live campaign information.

  • Uncover optimization opportunities.

  • Adjust your media plan according to inventory levels by integrating outputs with programmatic bidding platforms.


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* xCheck research into customer attitudes towards fare based advertising. 

'Effects of price based advertising, Google Consumer Surveys, August 2016',

National panel, respondents flown >=1 within past 12 months. n=300

xCheck is designed and built by airline professionals especially for this use case. 


About This Ad

All content in this ad comes from the xCheck API. The ad copy is dynamic text: the cities, 'round-trip' and the dates are custom formatted to suit the ad and the region in which it is shown.

Custom Parameters Used to Find Fares


  • Round-Trip (trip duration automatically selected)

  • Carrier Only (no codeshare partners)

  • Min Travel Window: 7 Days

  • Max Travel Window: 14 Days

  • Search Within: 60 - 100 days (rolling window)

  • Min Price: 200

  • Max Price: 2,000

  • Query in GBP

  • Min Inventory 20 Seats

  • Advertised period may not contain a gap of more than 3 days without advertised price

  • No restriction on calendar days containing LCP

  • No restriction on percentage of days containing LCP

  • Price updates 6 times per day