All good start-ups have an origin story...

John has spent the last decade working with airlines to help them grow their business. Over the years, in meeting rooms from London to Dallas to Madrid and Chicago, a familiar problem faced the assembled marketing teams; how to grow direct sales and ensure the airline's lowest prices could be featured in its advertising without incurring large fines and reputation damage by breaking DOT guidelines.

After one such frustrating meeting in early 2016 ended with the decision not to feature a price that would have been good for business and great for customers, John decided there must be a better way. As was typical at the time (and is still true today) when faced with a thorny marketing problem, John messaged Tim, a former colleague and friend to share the issue at hand.

Seven months later, after many discussions with airline professionals, technologists, travel companies and others, xCheck was born (a reference to 'Doors to automatic and cross check') with an answer to the original problem and a bigger mission. At xCheck, our goal is to enable airlines and consumers to mutually benefit by identifying and serving accurate, compliant and relevant prices and offers across the spectrum of digital marketing channels. Ultimately, leading to more revenue for airlines and greater transparency and satisfaction for consumers.

Tim Underwood, Co-Founder & CEO

Tim has been working at the intersection of marketing and technology since he started his career working on CRM programs for British Airways in London and New York. Since then he has consistently worked on solutions for leveraging data against quantifiable lift in cross-channel digital campaigns. 

As Head of Product Management for eBay Enterprise, Tim led the strategy, design and construction of database and messaging products for the company's CRM division. These platforms supported the campaigns of 150 enterprise-level clients, sending more than 68 billion messages a year. 

After years in London and New York, Tim now resides in Atlanta, GA building lego models of planes with his son. LinkedIn

John McDonald, Co-Founder & Head of Strategy

John has been helping brands such as British Airways, United and Iberia build category defining marketing initiatives for over a decade. His experience spans international markets, (including Brazil, Mexico, US, UK) and includes stints at both agencies and airlines. 

In this time, he has overseen marketing programs that have successfully moved market share, driven hundreds of millions in revenue, built brand equity and been awarded at major award shows including the Effies and Cannes. 

A self-confessed aviation geek, Jets fan and behavioral science enthusiast, John resides in Glenn Rock, NJ with his wife and twins. LinkedIn


Our Chosen Charity: Girls Who Code

xCheck donates a small percentage of our profits to Girls Who Code. As a niche business, our ability to make a direct impact on the diversity issues in technology is limited and so we support the mission of Girls Who Code to help close the gender gap in technology.