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“xCheck gives airlines tech to better showcase web fare.

Founded by a former executive at British Airways and a product management head from eBay, xCheck is already profitable within two years of launching.

Pricing is part of your brand, and it’s in someone else’s hands

Customer price perception is a core component of how travelers perceive an airline’s brand. When this is in the hands of anyone other than the airline itself, the brand is exposed to massive risk. 

Four tips for avoiding fines and unwanted attention from DoT and ASA

For airline marketers, 2017 has started with the concerning news that Ryanair has been castigated by the Advertising Standards Authority for using misleading pricing in its ads. This follows on the heels of other airlines, in the US and UK violating regulations seeking to protect consumers from misleading advertising. Airlines and other marketers, caught between a rock (low prices in ads drive demand) and a hard place (low prices deemed misleading to consumers,) have a difficult question to answer; Pricing, to use or not to use?