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As those of us in the airline industry know, low prices drive demand....

...and as marketers at airlines know, strict DOT regulations often make it difficult to promote the great prices and offers that are available.

xCheck solves this problem. Via our GDS connection or any carrier supplied API, we map and analyze available inventory, then derive the lowest price you can safely advertise while staying within DOT restrictions. 

Use the Power of Price to Generate Incremental Flyers. Fully compliant, fully effective, easy to use. 


/ Fully automated, maximum efficiency.
xCheck's always on platform continually updates your digital advertising with your lowest compliant price. Now, you can advertise compelling prices all year round, not just during heavily managed sale periods. 

/ Maximize return on investment.
Price focused advertising is up to 50% more effective than the next best proposition and can inspire ‘one more trip’. It can also drive greater traffic to an airlines own website, reducing reliance on OTAs and lowering their cost of sale.

/ Enforce DOT & EU Compliance
Our system prevents users from ever advertising prices which violate DOT guidelines. We store a robust, easily accessed audit trail for up to five years, allowing for a quick and hassle-free response to DOT claims.

/ Protect customer perception, protect brand reputation.
Customers want to see prices they can use from the airport closest to them to somewhere they want to go. Forty-percent of customers state they are less likely to a return to an airline’s site if they cannot find the price they are looking for. xCheck enables more relevant price messaging by featuring details of the origin point and destination being promoted.

See xCheck in Action
We’d love to show you a demo of the system in action, working with your inventory. Let us know what works for you.



We pronounce 'xCheck' as 'cross check' , a reference to "doors to automatic and cross check". We're inspired by the potential in automation and constantly re-defining the value of 'X'.  


The ad on your left is on Autopilot.

(Yep, we put our demo right on the home page.)

The brand is fictional, but the data driving this content is live inventory from a real airline. The image, logo, routes, ad copy and price (of course) are all being populated by the xCheck engine, they were re-calculated and updated no more than an hour ago.  

Autopilot is our automation tool. It means that once set up, this ad will constantly update itself to find the perfect travel window to satisfy both legislation and airline strategy. No one wants to update their ads 24 times a day, let Autopilot take care of that for you. 


Keep all your existing vendors. 

xCheck has been developed by airline marketing veterans who understand the challenges of legacy systems and painful technology integrations. It was designed from the ground up to be easy to use and, most importantly, complement your existing technology partners allowing for campaigns to be set up quickly and simply. xCheck plugs into a range of media channels including display, search, email and social. 


Upgrade any marketing channel. 

/ Ready to go. 
Most airlines can use xCheck without having to deploy any technical resources. We integrate with your existing ad servers and marketing vendors via any number of pre-built connectors. 

/ Set it and forget it.  
No marketing team has the time, ability, or tools to traffic new campaign creative every time a price changes (if they even know about it). xCheck automatically updates compliant prices across email, display, search and social up to 24 times a day - leaving you free to focus on other key initiatives

/ Strictly Compliant. 
xCheck keeps meticulous logs to ensure you're in full compliance with DOT legislation. Hour by hour reporting is available in less than a minute and can be used to prove compliance and understand performance.  

Mobilizing Inventory Data


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Happy new travelers.